Heading for the top!

There are many who earn by FX/BO but there are a lot unfortunate losers.
Do you know what differentiates it?
Actually that is quite simple fact…
Most of pro and experienced know “currency correlation”.
For example, USD/YEN and EUR/USD and EUR/YEN goes up together, you should buy EUR/YEN without discussion that is why you win.
Losers just do not know it.

Thus Planet home invented the world’s first “three currencies matching app”

Attack with signal!

We Planet Home have not developed signal chart with alert function for past 17 years basically, because we consider the chart itself is the signal.
Moreover for beginners, we believe the skill gained from having chart movement, market, technical analysis, fundamental analysis and learning currency correlation will be lifetime “treasure”.

On the other hand, it is said “concierge” might be needed.
As having “seminar for super beginners”, we face the fact people might have wrong trade when direct support is not feasible.

By this thought we decide to release new signal chart with alerting.
We started from address to beginners but this is not all-to-easy, basing on professional spec and understandable signal chart(with alert) for beginners.

Trade in a confident way!

As there is a principle in the world, there are also in FX market.

Five bars of each 1 min are assembled to be a 5 min bar. 12 bars of 5 min are assembled to be a 1 hour bar. You will not have difficulty to grasp the market if you change the way of understanding a bit because the market is made of time and price. You will find change will have a lead in short time chart and trend is made in long time chart. Because the long time bar is the an assembly of a number of short time bar, so you can find the tendency of ascending/descending in whole picture.

Therefore you must watch the change happening in 1 min chart with 5min chart trend, rather that you are afraid of small change of 1 min chart for short-term dealing, then your trade will be safer, that is principle.Do not think so serious please go trading easily and simply, understand it visually, your trade comes easy.

Never miss a chance in a million!

It is planned that BREXIT will come into force on 2019/3/29 PM11(GMT).

By this date exchange rate will be volatile strongly. Very possibly, a pile of money will be racing around the world.

It is doubtless that people who is deeply involved not only with FX/BO but also with foreign exchange derivative instruments will acquire enormous wealth.

How much is your ideal annual income?

Keep these six points we tell into your mind.
If you use chart “Kangaroo”, there is a future that can earn safely.

6 points of binary option strategy

① Utilization of Green Line
② Clarify the transaction zone
③ Clarify transaction points
④ Deal with payout of 100% or more
⑤ Focus on investment and also use FX
⑥ Continue winning by correlation of currencies